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Helping You Win

Your campaign and story are unique. Hundreds of companies will provide you with a cookie-cutter approach or sell you a specific product.


We recognize winning requires a strategy tailored to your needs and strengths. That is why M3 Strategies provides a full suite of campaign tools and tactics.

Together, we'll build and execute the right plan to ensure you WIN.

Our Services

Survey Research

Want to know what your voters or target consumers think about you and your message? We design and execute cutting-edge public opinion polling instruments that measure in real-time what voters think. Then we provide actionable insights and a data-based path forward.

Analytics and Modeling

Once we understand the values and attitudes voters hold and what messages you can deliver that will resonate with them, we develop an individualized path to victory to determine which target voters you need to win and how. We can score every voter, predicting how they will view your cause, how likely they are to change their minds, and how we can persuade them.

Strategic Campaign Management

We can help you design, implement, and manage a comprehensive campaign plan to win, including strategy, direct voter contact, messaging, and communications, research and paid media. Our team has managed dozens of campaigns and brings key learnings from State and Federal political campaigns and issue advocacy campaigns for non-profits to bear in your race.

Research and Messaging

M3 Strategies works with you to develop your value proposition, your brand, and the values, issues, and contrasts necessary to win your race or cause.

Voters, elected officials, and influencers don't change their minds overnight. A light bulb doesn't go off if your target audience hears your message one time. That is why design cross-platform approaches to deliver messages repeatedly.

Direct Voter Contact Tools

With a campaign plan, a strategy to win, and a compelling message, we can design and execute a plan to get that message in front of the target voters you need to win.


Most companies sell a single product and so are always pushing their customers to send more mail or another round of texting messages because that is how they make money.

M3 Strategies has a different approach. We start with your needs and then create a tailor-made, fully-integrated direct voter contact program to win. Paid media, mail, text messaging, or digital advertising, we make the tools work for you, instead of the other way around.

Our Work


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Direct Voter Contact Tools

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